Never advertise on facebook !

FB Like LogoIf you just want to randomly run facebook adverts without any planning and strategy then it’s better not to run them at all …

This morning while I was researching on the effectiveness of ‘Facebook Ads‘ I came across an article published on in September 2012 (yes, you are right, I got my hands on it a little late 🙂 ) about how “14th Street Pizza Co.” in Karachi started in 2010 and emphasizing  mainly on marketing and promotion through social media with a focus on facebook primarily.

According to this article 14th Street Pizza managed to earn PKR 20 million in revenue in their first year, which is quite impressive. As of today 14th Street Pizza has 612,900 likes on their facebook page and their main business driver is this facebook page.

Another such example is of ‘Ginsoy – Extreme Chinese’ (although with not that many likes as of 14th Street Pizza). As the name suggests, it’s a Chinese restaurant in DHA Karachi which is primarily reaching out to the target audience through social media, primarily facebook. Ginsoy management has successfully been able to create the buzz through facebook but their mouthwatering innovative recipes, elegantly done interior and good service levels have resulted in high demand amongst the right target audience. You cannot just walk-in and find a place on busy days. You must have prior reservation in order to enjoy the food.

Apologies for deviating from the topic, this is what happens when a ‘Lahori’ talks about food J

Coming back to the topic …..

On the contrary, I have personally noticed and found my facebook friends to have liked 1000’s of pages for random businesses on faecbook which they are very less likely to interact with in their real life. In one case I noticed that a facebook friend of mine living in a small town near Islamabad had liked a Chinese restaurant in Karachi. I know that my friend had never visited Karachi in his life and I was sure that he had never been to that restaurant.

This has both positive and negative sides.

It is positive in terms of awareness of the brand and interest in people who have not used its services as yet but can be potential customers but that negative side is for the restaurant which would very proudly include that friend of mine in their ‘fans list’ without realizing the actual conversion or sale from this particular ‘fan’.

I am glad that facebook is aware of this and has revealed earlier this year that about 5-6% of its 901 million users might be fake – representing up to 54 million profiles. This is something which I would leave to facebook to sort out!

In my opinion, the reasons of 14th Street Pizza Co’s success in facebook advertising are based on the following

  • Right targeting for the audience
  • Compelling call-to-action
  • Value proposition (free delivery)
  • Routing the clicks to the right and targeted content, rather than sending the ‘clicker’ to a page with mixed and unclear messages.
  • Most important of all, consistency (don’t lose hope if you don’t get results initially)

If you want to run successful facebook campaigns then you must have the right mix of the above ingredients.

And yes, facebook adverts do work, even in Pakistan 🙂


3 thoughts on “Never advertise on facebook !

  1. Very well written Ali Bhai but Internet is all about references u only see things of Ur interest, through Internet surfing u r developing Ur own biography e.g if We write education in google it will suggest almost different sebtences to both of us but through these digital ads u can interact with a vider audience or u can say selected audience. If u r not going for these ads then u will need to work really hard on the page discription and content that’s how Ur page will b visible in right target audience suggestion tab.

    1. Hi Noor, Thanks for the comment. I would totally agree with you on this and in fact this the real message of this post. If done with proper planning these ads can cut through the ‘noise’ and reach out to your target audience.

      Watch out for the next post which is going to be very soon. Ali

  2. Good work Ali Bhai. It actually applies to every medium. Whether you go for a heavy budgeted outdoor campaign or a low budget SMS Marketing campaign, you really need to have a quality paper work done before execution.

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