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Coke Food Fest in Pictures! – Nov 2017

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Why this blog?

Tribute to Food!

It’s predicted there will be 7.5 billion people in the world in 2017, and about 5 billion of them will have a mobile phone. Let’s say roughly 80% of those phones have a built-in camera: around 4 billion people. And let’s say they take 10 photos per day – that’s 3,650 photos per year, per person. That adds up to more than 14 trillion photos annually (14,600,000,000,000).

Google has reported there were more than 24 billion selfies posted on their servers last year. I am pretty confident that the second most popular category of photographs is now food pictures. The sight of people taking food pictures is a very common thing now.

I am one of those 5 billion users who started using his phone to take pictures of food. My philosophy of food pictures is more than just pictures.

My photography is a tribute to food from my side.

My tribute to food made me look at food from a different perspective, from the perspective of love and appreciation.

Recently 2 of my pictures got selected for Foodelia International Food Photography Awards that became one of the main reason to have more formal platform to share my work with Food Lovers.


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